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PARS: Innovative assessment tools
With comprehensive Parkinson's & Aging Progression Analysis


People with Parkinson’s want to know two things:  How can I slow the progression of this disease?  That’s your job.  And how will I know how I’m doing?  That’s our job.  

PARS is not just a better way to administer Fighter assessments, it gives your Fighters a clear picture on how their disease is progressing. Turn your paper-based, obsolete assessments into a comprehensive Parkinson’s & Aging Progression Analysis.

PARS reveals advanced Insights far beyond what was possible from paper-based assessments.  PARS uses a normalized 100-point scoring system and information is displayed in easy-to-understand-and-explain graphical  insights and trends.  And trends matter because, Even is Winning!  Every Fighter wants to win.

Each Fighter even has their own portal in the Fight Club where they can review and share their assessment history with family, physical therapists and even their neurologist.  

Keep your assessments current and turn assessments into a reliable income source. Establish your Rock Steady gym as the community’s Parkinson’s assessment center creating even more income with an opportunity to tell your Rock Steady Boxing story to recruit Fighters. 

You and PARS are a strong partnership giving your Fighter’s hope and motivating them to work hard.  Better information makes you a better coach!

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