January 8, 2024 @ 2:01 PM

Now that you have found a PARS Coordinator, a PC, your responsibility is to train them well. 

If they are new to Parkinson's, take time to train them on PD symptoms, safety and the stages/levels of the disease.  This is not an ideal situation but is very manageable.  Have them come and observe several of your workouts.  They should get out on the floor and work with the boxers observing the difference between stages,

Your part of the training will need to be outside of regular workout times so you are available to supervise.  To keep your workload from holding them back, here is our recommended PARS training plan:

  1. Have them play with PARS to have some familiarity with the app.  Have them look at Zeke.  Haave them create a fake boxer with 1 Quick assessment and 1 Smart assessment.
  2. Have them attend Zoom training with BwP.  They can schedule here.
  3. Do an assessment with them as the subject.  Talk about what to say, what you are looking for and how to score.  Go over the QoL summary, the physical summary and the Insights with them.  
  4. Let them do an assessment on you as a stage 1 boxer and as a stage 3 boxer.  Show them the difference in the QoL summary, physical summary and insights.
  5. Do a supervised assessment on a real stage 3 boxer.
  6. Have them do 3 assessments on their own on Stage 1 boxers.  Have them review with you after each one.
  7. Have them do 2 Stagge 3 assessments.  Have them review with you after.

Turn them loose to do assessments.  As a standard practice, they will print a Boxer Assessment Report after each.  For now, have them print 2... one for the boxer and one for you to review.  Having a printed copy lets you make notes on the paper to talk with the PC about.  

Ten asessments in and your PC will be off on their own.