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PARS In Action - Covington, WA
A Case Study


PARS Member Since:  3/2023                                         Independent for profit gym.


History:  Mike opened RSB Covington in July 2017 with 7 boxers.  Pre-Covid they had about 40 active boxers.  Coming back from Covid, attendance dropped significantly, however as of June 2023, they are back to 40 active boxers.  They have 3 volunteers, 2 with occupational therapy backgrounds.  Linda took over as affiliate in January of 2023 after coaching for over a year.

Since Covid and pre-PARS, they performed new boxer intake assessments but were undisciplined with reassessments for existing boxers.  Mike was waiting for the new app to arrive.  Some boxers were a year overdue and some had not been assessed since Covid so they were 3 years overdue!  In March of 2023 they began implementing PARS.

PARS Implementation:  Covington was the first PARS Beta gym.  Coach Linda does not have time before, during or after workouts to update PARS or do assessments.  One of the volunteers, Lee Ann, made PARS implementation her mission.  Lee Ann took all the boxer photos, updated all the boxer general information, entered all the historical boxer assessments from paper, scheduled and administered reassessments for every boxer.  She worked with Mike to test and debug PARS.  Lee Ann is our PARS hero.

Affiliate Comments:  “As the head coach I have to delegate and assessments take a lot of time.  My assessment administrator can spend 30 minutes with a boxer and by reviewing the Progression Analysis Insights and Trends, I can see what I want to know in 30 seconds.  She can answer any questions I have in 3 minutes.  That saves me lots of time!  For the first time in 6 years, we are completely caught up on assessments!”

Most RSB affiliates will be overwhelmed adding something else to their plate.  There is not enough time to do it all.  It is important to find a volunteer to be their PARS Coordinator.  Once in every-day use, PARS saves time and makes everyone more productive.” 

"We choose to not charge our boxers for reassessments during  the implementation and Beta phase.  Telling them how good it is going to be is not the same as showing them their personal Insights and Trends.   They go from "What is this all about" to "Wow!  This is cool!""

Coach Comments:  (Mike and Linda)  “After doing assessments on paper for 4+ years, PARS brings assessments into the 21 Century.  PARS interrupts the test results using an easy to understand 100-point scoring system and it uses color coded graphs to show trends over time. And, as we say, "Even is Winning!"  Boxer consultations are so much more in depth and beneficial for them and me.  I can show them how they are doing compared to when they began or compared to their last assessment.  With the Fight Club, they can review and share their assessment history, insights and trends with their family and even medical professionals.  Anytime from anywhere."  

“When Lee Ann does an assessment, she spends 3 minutes with me and between the PPA Insights and Trends and her comments, I get a complete picture of the boxer.  I don’t have to do every assessment personally to have the information I need as coach.  PARS saves me lots of time!  I review the full assessment later.  Better information makes me a better coach.”

"Our assessment scheduling strategy for new boxers will be 3 months after intake to show the difference just 90 days can make in fitness, conditioning and confidence.  This shows why they are working so hard and pulls them deeper into the Rock Steady process and family.  Then we will go into a 6-month cycle.  We'll try to get in sync with their 6-month appointments with their neurologist so they can take their newest assessment report with them to their appointment."

PARS Coordinator Comments:  “It is a huge relief for the coach and boxers to be current on their assessments.  It is easy to share information with the coach after each assessment in a 3-minute review of the Parkinson’s Progression Analysis Insights & Trends.”

“Capturing historical assessments from the old paper forms is critical.  PARS has Quick Forms so entering the old data is very quick and easy.  We have assessment data going back 8 years for some of our boxers.  It motivates them to work hard.  It gives them hope.  They can review and share this info with their caregivers, family or medical professionals through the Fight Club.” 

“I like the insights and trends because it gives a picture of what is going on with each boxer in one place in just a few seconds.  The boxers enjoy seeing their assessment  history.  I have had several boxers ask me pull up info or remind them how to access the Fighter Club.”

“In the beginning, not all the boxers understood why we were doing all of this but now they get it because they can see the results.  I love seeing the changes in each boxer as I know their history so I encourage them to continue to come to class and to work hard.“

Boxer Comments:  “I can't imagine where my husband would be if we didn't have the ability to see the insights and trends, first assessment and last assessment.  PARS shows me as a caregiver that the RSB programming is working!”

Business Impact:  Linda charges $16 for workouts based on attendance so her boxers get what they pay for.  She charges $45 for intake assessments plus gloves and inserts.  Reassessments are currently free during PARS Beta period and while the boxers discover what it is all about.  Starting August 1st, intake assessments will stay at $45 and reassessments will be $25.  The reassessment price is low reflecting that Linda’s 2 certified assessment administrators are both volunteers.  

The monthly PARS subscription for gyms Linda’s size is $24.00 / month.  With 40 active boxers Linda will average 7 reassessments per month plus 1 or 2 incidental reassessments for cause and 1 or 2 new boxer intake assessments for an average of 11 total PARS assessments per month.  Her average cost per assessment will be $2.18.  At a $25.00 price point for 7 assessments (allow 2 are no charge due to affordability) and 2 intake assessments at $45.00, Linda nets $22.82 per assessment times 7 plus 2 times $42.82 or $245.38 monthly or $2,944.56 annually.

Boxers with Parkinson's (c) 2022, 2023.  A Washington 501c3 nonprofit organization.