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boxers with Parkinson's Fight Club
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The boxers with Parkinson's Fight Club is your personal Parkinson's mini-website.  You can log in from your phone, your tablet or your personal computer and have access to your assessment history, insights and trends. 

Over time, Fight Club access and assessment flexibility will increase.  Had your summer assessment at Rock Steady Boxing Chicago?  Here it is.  Had your winter Rock Steady assessment in Phoenix?  Here it is.  Had your winter assessment through Pedaling with Parkinson's at the local YMCA?  Here it is.  Want to share your Rock Steady assessment with Pedaling with Parkinson's?  Done.  Visiting a Rock Steady gym in Atlanta?  Share your assessment history with them right here.

Coaches can give a fighter access and permission to use the Fight Club in just seconds from their PARS Fighter. Profile. 

A new fighter comes in for their intake assessment and leaves as a member of the boxers with Parkinson's Fight Club! 










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Will Neurologists and physical therapists have access?

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