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PARS Smart Start
Special program exclusively for new Rock Steady affiliates


If you are starting a new Rock Steady Boxing program in your community, today is a great day to start with PARS Smart Start! 

From your very first Rock Steady Boxer, provide professional intake assessments and keep all your records in one place with anytime, anywhere access to everything.  Give each of your boxers their own Fight Club portal so they can review or share their assessment history with family, physical therapists or even their neurologist.

The PARS Smart Start program makes it hard to say no and easy to say yes!

•  No start-up cost.  Nothing.  Notta.
•  FREE PARS Provider training.
•  FREE PARS Assessment Certification.
*  No monthly subscription fees for 1 year or until you have12 active fighters.  (Save $9 / mo.) 

To learn more, click here!

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