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Boxer Assessment Report
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The Boxer Assessment Report is a very important feature of PARS.  It is the report boxers will find when they log in to the Fight Club and it is the report they leave the gym with after every assessment.  

The assessment report is 4 pages:  Parkinson's & Aging Progression Insights, PAPI, 1 through 4, Parkinson's & Aging Progression Insights, PAPI, 5 through 8, Quality of Life Summary, and Physical Assessment Summary.

In the gym, you can print the assessment report directly from your tablet and you can print from the gym's common area laptop or desktop.  Even if you have to go to the gym's reception desk to print it, it is worth doing.  If your gym does not have a printer, on Amazon. an HP Deskjet 2755e Wireless Color Printer that prints, scans, and copies with mobile printing is just $65.

The following samples are real boxer assessment reports and are used with permission.

Parkinson's & Aging Progression Insights, PAPI

Insights 1 through 4: 

  • Overall physical assessment score, overall quality of life score and a PARS Composite Score.
  • Balance:  Using 5 qualitative scores to determine the relative balance, or balance loss, of each boxer.
  • Physical Assessment Scores for the FAB 8, Sit to Stand, Timed Up & Go and overall score.
  • Timed Up & Go (TUG) Scores.

Note that the charts include every assessment showing the progression of the boxer's capabilities or limitations over time:  progression. 

Scores may be impacted by Parkinson's, aging issues such as arthritis, back pain or knee pain, or some of both.  This is NOT a reflection of the progression of the Boxer's Parkinson's disease.  PARS reports on the progression of Parkinson's symptoms and the change in symptom's impact on capabilities and limitations for the specific tests.


* Sample Report used with permission.

Parkinson's & Aging Progression Insights, PAPI

Insights 5 through 8: 

  • Quality of Life.  Derived from the Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire using 32 of the 39 PDQ questions in 6 specific categories.
  • Mobility & Daily Living
  • Communication & Cognitive
  • Social & Emotional.

The Quality of Life allows the coach to see changes in the boxer's perception of how Parkinson's and aging impact their everyday life outside of the Rock Steady Boxing environment.


* Sample report used with permission.

Quality of Life Summary

The QoL summary includes the detail for the most recent PDQ test.  Details include:

  • The PDQ Score
  • Change in the PDQ Score compared to the boxer's first intake score and their most recent interim score
  • Time it took the Boxer to complete the PDQ 32.  This is a new parameter, and we need lots of data to determine what this tells us, if anything.
  • Tet Insights show a distribution of how the boxer answered by response.
  • Category scores for the six categories.
  • A time graph showing changes in the boxer's overall quality of life score over time.


* Sample report used with permission.

Physical Assessment Summary

The four high-level scores are at the top:  FAB 8, S2S, TUG and composite score along with the change compared to the boxer's intake assessment and their most recent assessment.

Individual test scores for the FAB 8 plus S2S & TUG. 

This boxer is a Stage 3 boxer.  With the circle graphs and bar graphs you can see very quickly where he is strong and where he is struggling.


*  Sample report used with permission.

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