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Reporting and Analysis
Power data visualization with AI

Boxers with Parkinson's PARS assessment app is a foundational service to the Rock Steady Boxing network.  

PARS includes a powerful reporting portal to study of the impact and effectiveness of exercise to reduce, reverse or delay the symptoms of Parkinson's.  It is not a study of Parkinson's as a disease, causes of the disease or therapeutic treatments for the disease.  PARS is a quality of life and functional physical capabilities and limitations tool. 

RSB is a hybrid scenario where a pool of data exists, although inconsistent and incomplete, plus we will capture future data in real time via an app.  The historic data pool goes back years so to whatever extent records exist, it can be very revealing and valuable. 

For two recent reports from about 300 Boxers in a study, 62 Boxers (21%) met the conditions required for the  first report and 72 Boxers (24%) met the conditions required for the second report.  Moving forward, PARS administered assessments will be more complete with more reliable data.  The best data quality will exist when there are hundreds or even thousands of Boxers who have been in the study for greater than 6 months and have at least 2 complete PARS-administered assessments. 

As the Rock Steady program grew to 43,000+ boxers, the pool of existing boxer information grew.  For years this information has been hidden in manila folders in gym filing cabinets around the country.  There may be over 350,000 pages of valuable information that can not be sorted, filtered, counted, or analyzed. 

While the PARS is based on the nationally recognized PDQ-39, FAB, TUG and S2S, PARS includes significant additional data fields, elements and modules with more enhancements to come in future releases.  Analysis on Boxers where their data came from the paper forms will be less robust and less reliable than assessments done using PARS.   

The BwP reporting and analysis portal will have field suppression for personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.  Boxers can opt-out of the reporting studies at any time.  

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