June 27, 2024 @ 6:48 PM

PARS originally had a comment box as the last step in the assessment module.  During assessments I told myself that I would remember some detail… but didn’t.  Or between assessments the boxer told me about a fall or their last doctor appointment or some travel they were going to do.  There was no place to make a quick note.  I was carrying around at least 1 bit of information on every boxer… but struggling to remember which bit went with which boxer.

Introducing Coach Notes… Add a quick note anytime anywhere from the Boxer profile header by clicking on the blue conversation bubble in the top right.  A side panel opens up with the curser already in the new note box and it even opens your keyboard.  It displays previous notes newest to oldest and each note includes the coach’s name and how long ago the note was added.  You can scroll to see older notes.  It’s a convenient way to share information between coaches.

We have been using Coach Notes for a couple weeks in our gyms and it is a hit!  We added a note for most of our boxers!  Something we knew that the system didn’t have a natural place to note.  Here are just a few uses:

  • Notes from the physician’s release.
  • Note changes affecting their safety, capabilities or limitations during workouts.
  • Notes about their bad back or knees.
  • Note falls during workouts or even at home.
  • Changes in doctors or medications.
  • Starting/ending PT, OT, LSVT Big or other therapeutic programs.
  • Other exercise programs like Pedaling/Dancing/Hiking, online exercise programs or their home workouts.
  • Attendance notes such as injuries, surgeries, travel or vacation plans.
  • Hospital visits:  which hospital, room, etc.
  • DBS plans and information
  • During assessments
    • Observations outside of the definitions and regular scoring.
    • Notes on each skipped test.
    • Notes for any test with a significant change, improvement or decline.
    • Assessment summary at the end of the assessment consultation with the boxer.