September 16, 2023 @ 1:26 PM

Duh!!  PARS can do more reporting and analysis when PARS has more member gyms, trained coaches & active boxers with multiple PARS assessments...  Bottom line: reliable data.

Pre-PARS data is assessment information input from the traditional paper forms.  There are reliability problems including inconsistent time between assessments, inconsistent commitment to doing assessments between gyms and even coaches, Some gyms did not use the PDQ and some coaches used the BERG or Mini-BEST instead of the Fullerton.  There are problems with legibility, missing data, unknown abbreviations and information written in the margins.  In many cases, this data is all there is to work with and usually some data is better than none.  Specially in establishing a baseline starting point for boxers.  PARS has useful data for  a few boxers going back 6+ years.

As the number of PARS gyms and boxers increases, the availability of PARS assessment data will increase allowing BwP to ask new questions with increasing answer reliability and improved statistical relevance. 

BwP anticipates that if we reach 100 gyms averaging 30 boxers per gym in the first year, then by late-2024 there should be over 3,000 boxers in PARS of which 1500 have at least 2 PARS assessments and maybe 750 have 3 PARS assessments.  And every day, more boxers have 3 or more PARS assessments.

A year later, late 2025, there could be 2,000 multi-assessment boxers in PARS and data will continue to gain reliability and statistical relevance.