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Assessments generate income
Turn your Rock Steady gym into your community's Parkinson's assessment center.

Your boxers will gladly pay for a professional assessment and Parkinson's Progression Analysis the equivalent of which they can't get from their neurologist, their physical therapist or their yoga instructor.

Think about this:  Rock Steady says there are over 43,000 boxers in the RSB network.  Seems like a big number until you realize that it is just 5% of people with Parkinson's in the US.  If any of those other 95% want their Parkinson's progression analysis, where are they going to go?  Their community Parkinson's Assessment Center...  your gym! 

What if neurologists, YMCAs and senior centers referred Parkinson's people to you for their annual Parkinson's progression analysis?  If 15% of Parkies start getting Parkinson's disease progression analyses, that is 3 times the size of the current Rock Steady network!  Incremental income and a huge marketing opportunity.  Cha Ching!  And get that Parkie some gloves!

As an example, in the Pacific Northwest, there are 15 Rock Steady affiliates in the Puget Sound and Portland markets.  If we form a network of assessment centers, there could be a convenient center near most people with Parkinson's in our region.

Each time you administer a Parkinson's assessment, you also have an opportunity to promote Rock Steady Boxing!  And you will get paid for it.

The first step is to bring the Rock Steady gyms onboard with certified PARS assessment administrators.  You have more experience with Parkinson's assessments than anyone!  Then BwP will work with regional Parkinson's organizations to develop a referral base.

Want to be a Parkinson's Assessment Center?  Request more information today.

On-time assessments generate dependable income. Turn assessments from a chore and necessary evil into an anticipated coach/fighter consultation experience.  Open your gym to the local Parkinson's community to make more money and to recruit new Fighters.

With the next generation of assessment tools, some of your boxers will want even more frequent assessments so they always know how they are doing. 

*  Note:  Rock Steady Boxing gyms are not exclusive to provide community Parkinson's progression analyses.  In the future other channels may come onboard.

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