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Implementation Guide
Step by Step Instructions to Get Started

Welcome to PARS.

BwP will set up your account including locations and coaches with the information you provide us won the registration form.   

PARS is very intuitive and easy to use.  In general, with just a little guidance you can get started.  

Implementation overview.

  1. The first step is to set up your account, locations, coaches and volunteers.  All coaches and volunteers should attend the PARS introduction Zoom together or individually.  They can schedule here.
  2. Your account includes a fake boxer so your coaches or volunteers can get familiar with PARS.  They should start by reviewing the Fighter General information, the Assessments and the PAPI insights.  Then, they should create a fake boxer of their own, preferably a Stage 3.  They should make them inactive so they do not show in your active directory yet they can come back to them over and over to work with the features or modules.  We will delete these later.
  3. Capturing historical information.  Schedule a 20-minute Zoom to review in detail the boxer information screens and the Quick forms designed specifically for capturing your boxer historical information.  Capturing a boxer's general information and their first assessment should take about 5 to 7 minutes.  If a boxer has multiple assessments, they will take about 4 minutes each.  This is a valuable learning process as you will get to see boxers of different stages and situations.  Take the number of boxers you want to enter and divide that by coaches and volunteers to give everyone experience and to reduce workload.
  4. Introducing PARS to your boxers.  Once the historical information is in PARS, you can meet with each boxer for 5 minutes to introduce them to PARS, take their profile picture, verify their general information, set their next assessment and answer questions.  This is a fun part of the implementation.
  5. Start your assessments!

Below is detailed information about each steep.  Have fun!  Call, text or email anytime.

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Create a fake boxer.
Boxer General Information
Taking a Boxer's Photo
Transfering a boxer's assessments from paper
Trial in-person assessment
The Coach/Boxer/Family Consultation
Reading the PARS Insights
Reading the PARS Quality of Life Report
Reading the PARS Physical Assessment Report

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