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Just some of the PARS App features


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Let's take a tour.  Here are some of the most important features. 


Fighters Directory:

  • Active and Inactive Fighter directories by location.  
  • Fighter counter.
  • Boxer pics listed alphabetic order by first name.  Picture matrix to tell Bob from Bob or Bob.
  • Fighter card includes age, nickname, time since diagnosis, birthday, their nest assessment date, and the fighter's Stage. 
  • Search box for quick look up.
  • Filter upcoming assessments, overdue assessments, birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • Switch between locations quickly.
  • Click on a Fighter's card to open their Fighter Profile.
  • Send a broadcast email to all coaches and Fighters within a location.
  • News and Announcements.

The Boxer Profile

Header includes photo and general information. 

Parkinson's & Aging Progression Insights.  Insights.   PARS opens to The Fighter's Parkinson's Progression & Aging Insights.  Note in the example, Insights include assessments for 7 years! 

  • QoL vs. FaST Composite Score 
  • Physical Assessment Scores
  • Quality of Life Scores
  • Loss of Balance 
  • Turn 360 Steps
  • Standing Jump Distances
  • Timed Up & Go 
  • Sit-to-Stand
  • BMI
(Screen prints used with permission)

Parkinson's Profile

Fighter symptoms with a severity slider to track over time to show progression.

  • Sections include Tremors, Gait and Postural, Assistive Devices, General Parkinson's symptoms, and Parkinson's Plus Syndromes.
  • Symptom changes are graphed over time to show progression of symptoms.
  • Symptoms are updated with each new assessment, recommended on a 6-month schedule.


FaST Physical Assessment Summary

FaST takes the coach and fighter through the FAB 8, the TUG and the 30-second S2S one test at a time.  Each test has full instructions and built-in timers or stopwatch.

All tests include scores from intake assessment and their last assessment to show progression.  

  • FAB 8 Score.
  • Sit-to-Stand (S2S) Score.
  • Timed Up & Go (TUG) Score.
  • Composite FaST Score.
  • Individual current assessment FAB 8, S2S & TUG Scores.
  • Click on any physical test to see the history and progression.

PDQ-32 Quality of Life Summary

PARS takes the fighter through the PDQ 32 one question at a time.  No skipping questions, no double marking.

  • Click "Check Answers" to see review all responses from current assessment.
  • Organizes responses into 6 categories:  Mobility, Daily Living, Cognitive, Communication, Social and Emotional.
  • Composite quality of life score with intake and last assessment changes.
  • Number of responses by answer choice.
  • Score by individual category.
  • Click on any category to see progression over time.
  • Composite score graph showing trends over time.

Fight Club

Every fighter who takes a FaST assessment is included in the PARS Fight Club where they can...

  • Review their assessment history, insights and progression.
  • Share their assessment history, insights and progression with family, their physical therapist or even their neurologist.
  • Get the latest news about BwP, PARS, and FaST.
  • Email their coaches.
More features coming soon!


Watch for new features coming soon!


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